Friday, February 7, 2014

How Do You Explain Football To A Kid?

Ever try and sit down with your kid and explain, really explain the game of football to them? It's exhausting. The other day, I tried to explain to my son just how you play the game of football.

You get four downs to go ten yards and if you don't get 10 yard in those four downs, you have to kick the ball to the other team.

"Why do they call it a down?"

I'm not sure, but once you get those ten yards, you get four more chances.

"What happens if you don't get 10 yards, do you give the ball to the other team?"

Well, you can either try on 4th down and if you don't make it, you give the team the ball or you can kick it to the other team instead which is called a punt.

"A punt? That's a funny word. Why do they call it a punt and not just a kick?

Good question. I wish there was a book that just demonstrated all of this. Well, there is and it is called Let's Play Football and they also have an app narrated by ESPN's Ron Jaworski and The Eagles' Merrill Reese.  How can this get any better? Did I mention that there is also a FREE app on iTunes?

Philly Dads Group had a chance to review this book recently and was offered a "PlayDate in a Box" from the makers of the book. We had a playdate with local area kids where we read the book together and did some football related games and crafts.  Afterwards, we took part in the greatest of American past time, snacking! Big shoutout to Snackiddy who provided some of our munchies.

My kids loved the book, mostly because the main teams in the book are the Lions and Bears and with a dad who is a huge Chicago Bears fan they instantly got behind the characters. We all loved the illustrations, and my three year old daughter enjoyed picking out which ones were bears and which ones were lions with every page turn.

The book included all the pertinent vocabulary that one needs to teach kids football and did so in a playful rhyming way that told a great story. We were hanging by the edge of our seats waiting to see what would happen and I highly suggest reading it to your own little football fans.

The story is told from training camp to the big game and includes a glossary at the end to review the vocabulary that goes along with the game.  I could see how if you introduced this to your kids early that they would understand the game better which is what author Jon Richter has set out to do.    From one Philadelphia area dad to another, thanks Jon for giving my kids this leg up on the game we love so much.

FTC Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are solely my own. I received a free copy of the book for and the "playdate in a box" in exchange for a review of the book. 

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