Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trump Hair Loss with ROGAINE

“I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Dad Central for ROGAINE®. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for participating.”

Losing your hair can be demoralizing. There is something about having a full head of hair that seems to boost the confidence in some men.  Bill Rancic has personally gone through it and I was surprised that a guy that seems to have so much confidence, like many other men, was going through the same problems.  In fact, hereditary hair loss affects up to 40% of men and more that 15 million men admit to being concerned about the condition.

Bill decided to do something about it and started using ROGAINE Unscented Foam twice a day. Sounds foolproof right? In as soon as 16 weeks, you too could start to see results like Bill did.  Men's ROGAINE Foam is the first easy-to-use foam that is FDA-approved to help regrow hair. Just applying it to dry hair or towel dried hair would be so easy to do followed by any styling products that you regularly use and you are on your way.

If you missed my last post where I got to interview Bill Rancic, you know that he is a successful entrepreneur who has had success with ROGAINE. He teamed up with ROGAINE in May of 2012 to serve as the brand's first-ever "Growth Coach". In the "Grow Your Game" campaign, a "Growth Coach" like Bill shares his personal experiences and advice on how to conquer real world situations in work, life and love, while never letting his hair loss hold them back.

Not only is Bill a big success in business but also as a family man. In fact, in my interview he said that he would give up everything to be a stay at home dad if that was what was best for his family citing how society has changed since the former roles of the 1950s.

This sense of selfless giving is further reflected in his charitable activities. He often travels to Haiti with the mission to build homes for victims of the earthquake. He is also an active board member for Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and participates in many public and private events for charity.  It is this kind of work that brings the wealthiest riches.

For Bill and dads all around the world, we want to prove that we can be the best dads possible in 2014.  So, that means "Growing Our Game" by dedicating our precious time to our families. Let's try like I am, to get off the phone more and talk with our kids.  Make your kids laugh even if it means you make yourself look foolish. There is no better sound than your own child's laughter.  And finally, worry less about capturing the moments and live them instead.


  1. I have been using Rogaine foam for about 6 month now, and while there were positive results, it was not that great as I hoped it would be. It gets quite expensive too, when you have to constantly buy it each month.

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  4. sometimes the hair loss problems not solved by such products and hence most of the people are doing hair transplantation.
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