Monday, January 13, 2014

Raising Kids and Hair with Bill Rancic

DISCLOSURE: I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Dad Central for ROGAINE. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for participating.

We all remember those iconic words from The Apprentice, those two words you don't want to hear coming from HR. The dreaded "You're fired" coming from Donald Trump and the reverberating echo that followed as the air left the room. Bill Rancic turned that phrase into "You're hired!" when he won The Apprentice in 2004.

He is a motivational speaker, real estate developer, restaurant owner and author of a New York Times best-­‐selling book on business. Rancic’s life is documented on the hit reality show Giuliana & Bill, in which he stars with his wife, E! News Anchor, Giuliana Rancic.

Bill has begun to work with ROGAINE and Men's Health in their "Grow Your Game" campaign and has become a Growth Coach to help guide five men in love, life, and work. It's a no-brainer that this guy is a good fit for helping guys who are losing their hair. He personally is going through the hair thinning battle and decided that he needed to become the project manager of his follicles before it was too late.

I had a great opportunity, thanks to ROGAINE and Dad Central to interview Bill and ask him about his experiences as a successful businessman and dad and how "Growing Your Game" can make a difference in your life.

The facts on how ROGAINE can help are overwhelmingly positive and with 40% of men affected by hereditary hair loss, there is a good chance that you know someone that can benefit as well. When I asked Bill about why he decided to take action about his thinning hair he said "I was looking at a picture of myself and I almost fell out of my chair. It was kind of a wake up call. Holy smokes, my hair is thinning! So I decided to do something about it instead of surrendering" The fact that he did is in line with the way he approaches life. On The Apprentice and in his own life he really goes after something when he believes in it.

Bill is a family man and a Chicago guy, two things we have in common. He fortunately, was able to salvage his hair thanks to ROGAINE. When I announced that I was bald Bill said "Sounds like we should have talked about two years ago"  Fortunately, I come from a long line of balding men and know lots of others who can be helped before it is too late.

After we talked about ROGAINE I wanted to find out more about him as a dad. Being a stay at home dad myself who has given up his career to stay home, I wondered if someone so successful would also do the same.

DNC : "As a successful businessman with a wife who is also successful, balancing work and home life can be difficult. Would you ever consider giving up everything and becoming a stay at home dad with your son?" 

BR: "Absolutely. One hundred percent I would. At the end of the day, family first that is the motto in our house. Whatever is going to be best for our son. I think in our house and in many houses in America, the man and woman really share all responsibility. Back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s there were distinct  roles that the husband and wife played and I think those are now going away. There is no line between the two." 

He further defined the roles that he and his wife play in the household and like any man dedicated to his family he changes diapers, he washes bottles, he feeds. His wife takes on chores like taking out the garbage that maybe were once seen as the man's responsibility that his dad used to do when he was a kid and the things he was responsible for as a young man.

BR: "For me, it is great to see and a lot of my friends have done the same where they are a lot more active in the role of parent than generations prior"

Becoming a parent isn't always easy as we saw Bill and Guilana's story unfold on their reality TV series. It can be disheartening when you decide to have a family and it doesn't happen right away.

DNC: How did you deal with the roller coaster ride of becoming a parent and why it was important to share that with the public.

BR: "Well, certainly we had a lot of challenges, there is no secret about that. We chose to share our story with everyone because we thought it would help other couples who were also struggling. It is much more common than people think but it is not talked about a lot. For us it was a battle with a lot of ups and downs and as you mentioned, an emotional roller coaster but we never gave up and we looked at all of our options out there. Thank God we were able to have a healthy, beautiful little boy."

I couldn't let Bill get away without asking him at least one question related to Chicago. His mom lived in a suburb right next to my hometown. I had to give him a little Chi-town razzing. Hey, it's tradition.

DNC: "ROGAINE helps you Grow Your Game by boosting your confidence. Which Chicago athlete right now needs a boost in confidence?"  

This question was met with an uproar from the other people on the line and I had him a little flustered. Not Donald Trump. Me. I stumped Bill Rancic, The Original Apprentice.

BR: "I tell you what, you're going to get me in trouble, I am friends with a lot of these guys. I have to to dance a fine dance here. That's a tough question to answer, I'll tell you."  

To be fair, I made him walk a fine line because he, unlike me, actually knows these guys. Thank goodness Rodman doesn't play for the Bulls anymore, that could get ugly.

BR: " I am going to spin my answer. I certainly wish the Bears would have beat the Packers but more importantly, we should have won it the week prior in Philly. We should have clinched it down in Philly and we blew it. And when that ball was laying there and the whistle hadn't blown none of the Bears picked up the ball, that killed us. You learn that in Pee-Wee football! It was heartbreaking."

I tried to get him to single out one person but he wouldn't despite my prodding. He said "Nah, that's a tough one because I am a true blue Chicagoan. The last thing I need is one of these guys coming into one of our restaurants and seek me out." So, I let it slide. We both think that next year is our year for the Bears just like a true Chicago sports fan and why not, because Cubs fans say it every year.

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