Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Scream

Why is it that my daughter's response to any hardship is a piercing squeal? My son does not do this. I have only witnessed it in both my girls. It doesn't stop when they are older either as my time as a freshman girls basketball coach can attest.

From another room this sound could mean that

A) She is running around and having fun with my older son
B) My older son just did something to tick her off
C) She just cut off a limb.

See the dilemma? You can’t rush into the room every five minutes looking panicked only to find that she is actually having fun and that the squeal was one of delight.

If you do this most likely she has spotted you and now you will have to play with her when she was perfectly fine using her own imagination only moments ago. You can’t go back. Trying to convince your kids to “Resume play, nothing to see here” is really hard.

 I have literally pulled up, tried to hide behind the cat's scratching post, and tried to Scooby Doo walk (a slow backwards walk as to not attract attention) out of the room before she spied me.

It has to be genetic. Maybe it is based on female hormones but I supposed it is one that carries on later in life.   Go to a concert and guys are screaming “yeah” and probably some expletives. Women however, are screaming at the top of their lungs…that long piercing “Woooooooo” that seems to go on forever.

Clearly it is to get attention, but I thought women are better with words than guys are? Scientists have tried to explain why women, who speak 20,000 words per day to a man's 7,000 by blaming it on the proteins in our brain. But isn't this just another stereotype that we use to explain why women are just more effective at communicating than men?

I Googled “Why do girls scream so much?” and I found that women said that they scream as a release for some anxiety they have faced. Screaming is a safety valve when they are frustrated and can't use their words to express themselves. Then why all the screaming when they are playing and having fun?

They scream when they are proposed to, they scream when a huge spider is in the bathroom, they scream when they are reunited with long lost girl friends or if their sister borrowed their favorite jeans and ruined them.

Basically, anything is scream-worthy. Don't get me wrong though, screams can be great especially later in life.  I just hate not knowing if it is a good or bad scream now.

So for now, I guess I just have to screen the screams. Maybe one day I will know if it is a good or bad scream. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a hankering for some ice cream.

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  1. I do see your dilemma. Lukas also screams a lot...for a boy that is. We are trying to wean him of that.