Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaving It Behind

Dear leaf,

You are truly one in a million. There are no other leaves like you and no leaf that looks exactly like you. Everything about you is special and is what makes you special.

You were created for a purpose; to give us life and through your life, give us new hope for the future.

It is amazing what you have done already in your short time with me.  It has been fun watching you go through changes. You started out so tiny and insignificant that it is hard to fathom how much you have changed.

You budded, grew,  and here we are still holding on to each other. I have held on to you so tight through storms and sunshine. I have watched you glimmer with each rising sun and have enjoyed the way you glow when the brightest of you shines through.

You have braved every cold night when you thought that sun might never return. I have tried to tuck you between my limbs to hold you close and keep you safe and sheltered from the world.

As the seasons changed, so did you. You have thrived and grown into a one in a million leaf.  No matter how small you may feel, you are a giant part of me.

You have changed in so many ways but your color is what is striking. Your true colors shine through the murk and mire of this world and help me search for all that is good instead.

Your colors have become so vivid and vibrant. It's a sign to me that every year I must let you go a little more.

Sometimes when I let you go, you hurtle to the ground with reckless abandon and sometimes you flitter to and fro and let the breeze just take you. Sometimes the wind will twirl you in circles and it will feel like you are getting nowhere.

There will also be times when something will hold you back. You may feel stuck or trapped. Rise above it and let the obstacle fall by the wayside so you can be on your way. Do not dwell on trivial things. You have somewhere to be, a great purpose.

Just know, that I am still here, rooted to his spot but always watching. Watching you make your way amongst the masses, fighting for your place among them.

Remember who you are leaf. Remember that you are special and you are not alone. You are going to stand out and make people take notice you among all those others.

Embrace the wind when you can and let it take you where it may. Despite others wanting you to dull you down, be yourself and let your colors shine! I'll be right here where you left me.

Love always,

The tree


  1. If ever there was a tree, Chris, it's you. This post touched me. What a bittersweet reality it is that the more we get to know them, love them for who they are, understand what they are starting to become, the more we have to let them go and let them be about the business of becoming.

    1. Thanks Neal. As I was raking these leaves in our yard and watching my youngest daughter jump into them with reckless abandon, I noticed this one yellow leaf among the brown ones and I just thought "that leaf is just like her" And then I noticed more of them standing out to me and sat down and wrote this. I appreciate your comments!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. As my kids are growing up, it's almost like quicksand through an hourglass. Each moment with them is tough to hold on to because the time is moving so fast.