Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crayola Create 2 Destroy : Review and Giveaway

As an artist and having little artists in my home emulating me, I was excited when Crayola asked me and some other dad bloggers to try their new line called Create 2 Destroy. We were given a chance to compete with other bloggers by creating a 15 second Instagram video about how we got carried away with Create 2 Destroy's Dino Destruction: Metropolitan Mayhem Set. I want to DESTROY these other bloggers and you can help me win by voting for me.

My kids absolutely love modelling material and were chomping at the bit to get their hands on this new material and test it out. The Create 2 Destroy sets include a new material called Morphix that combines modelling material and sand. Fair warning when you are playing with this material, that because of the grit element, you will want to protect any surface that may get scratched as a result.

The Dino Destruction set comes with a cardboard play mat city scene and 19 molds to make cars, buildings, and everything you would want dinosaurs to crush and destroy as they rampage the city. The set also comes with three different color tubs of Morphix which in our case were gray, orange, and blue.

I loved the texture of Morphix and my kids enjoyed squishing it between their hands. As a former art teacher who has worked with kids in art therapy, it would make a great material to use for tactile manipulation and for little fingers that get easily frustrated by material that doesn't stay to its form.

Morphix does stick well but maybe too well because we found out that we couldn't easily extract any of it from the molds, rendering them useless. As with any kids, they found a way to make it work and moved on to creating with the material anyway. Their favorite parts were using the volcanoes to launch balls and using the dinos to smash objects they laid out in the street.

Here is the video of us creating and destroying: If you aren't able to see the video because you are using Chrome, use a different browser to view it.

Some other Dad Bloggers and I have joined up to help increase your chances of getting a box of your own. Joining me are Tom from Twins And Then,  John from Daddy’s In Charge?, Colby from Days of the Domestic Dad,  Chris from Daddy Doctrines, and James from Stay At Home Dad PDX. Check out their pages and use the cool entry form below to enter for your chance at one of 6 prizes with 13 chances to enter!

Now, you can help me by helping me win this whole thing. Head to the Crayola Facebook page HERE to vote for me. Click on the image that says "Vote for Videos" and find my entry, Dad In Charge, and click the red button that says "Vote For This Video". Make sure you don't click on "Daddy's In Charge" because that is not me. My video has my two year old saying "We want to destroy!" You can win your own FREE set by entering our Dad Blogger giveaway below.


You can get in on the action as well. Follow Crayola on Instagram, create your own 15 second Instagram video using the hashtag #Create2Destroy and submit your video. You could not only win a $1,000 gift card but the winning storyline will be featured on Crayola's 2014 product box! Imagine your kids telling their friends that they are on the box of a toy! Go to Crayola's Facebook page for fan entries here. Contest open to U.S. Residents only.


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Crayola supplied me with a Create 2 Destroy set and a gift card in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine, Chris Bernholdt and are solely mine but I am the DadNCharge, so I am right.


  1. My kids love to destroy what they make out of play doh or clay

  2. Not traditionally, but I'm sure with this fun activity they'd love destroying their own creations!

  3. yes and no! i have one little boy that loves to make things to "destroy" from hurricanes, tornadoes, monsters, dinosaurs....and another that likes to keep thinks PERFECT. this looks fun!