Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods Review

Hasbro is at it again with their innovation of the Angry Birds Star Wars toy line. Last time I reviewed the Angry Birds Star Wars line, the figures had limited use other than in the games. This time, it is Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods that are making a splash on iPads and tablets everywhere.

The Angry Birds Star Wars app is great in its gameplay but there are limitations to your success when you haven't earned enough points to buy special characters within the game. Telepods changes that dynamic instantly with your ability to use characters that you have purchased in a figure pack directly into the game!

If you want to sub out Jar Jar, and believe me we all do, all you have to do is place the character you want on the Telepods stand and position your character over the tablet's camera.

Your character will immediately be transported into the game replacing the figure in the slingshot. Beware though, you can only use the substitution once in that level and you can only use good guys on the "Bird Side" and bad guys on the "Pig Side" of the game.

I thought this was an awesome way to further use the figures and made my eight year old son much more careful about leaving Angry Bird heads rolling around on the floor. I like that using them is limited because it causes whoever is playing to strategize about how they use each figure.

See my Instagram video on how to use the figures. Check out starwars.hasbro.com for TELEPODS smart device compatibility.

If you buy one of the vehicle packs, you will receive two figures, one of which is an exclusive figure. You can choose from ENDOR CHASE, and DEATH STAR TRENCH RUN.

Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Vehicle Packs (Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages 5 & Up)

The figure packs are great ways to start building your collection. It includes two figures that can be used in the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Figure Pack (Approximate Retail Price: $5.99; Ages 5 & Up.)

FTC Disclaimer: Hasbro has supported my imagination through play for many years and continues to do so. The material posted here are solely Chris Bernholdt's opinions and I was provided one of each set mentioned in this post in exchange for the review.

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