Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Off To School For The First Time

Hard to believe that this little baby is going into kindergarten!

Sarah has spent four years at the YMCA preschools both in New York and here in Pennsylvania. Each time the year has ended they have had a big celebration. In New York, kids walked with caps and received diplomas and while it was a cool event for the kids it lured me into this sense that she was never going to be old enough to go to school. I used to call it Premature Re-Graduation.

Last year was the exception, she has moved beyond pre-school and into kindergarten. Since we moved after Adam was done with kindergarten, Sarah is the first in our family to attend this school at this grade level. She is a brave new explorer! And while our experiences at our Y have been great, the curriculum has been more about sending home macaroni art than teaching her how to read.

Pre-school is often about the socialization of your kids. They learn how to make new friends,sharing, playing together, and parents get to organize playdates with other kids in their class. Unfortunately for Sarah she was in a class with only one other girl whose mom wasn't that keen on dropping off her daughter at a SAHD's house. Only at the very end of the year was I able to make some playdates happen. I've written a guide for SAHDs on how to have successful playdates and have been stood up for a playdate too. Seems like I should write an etiquette version for SAHMs too.

In any event, it's a huge day. Everyone in my family is excited for Sarah. Missing the kindergarten cutoff because of a late birthday has had us in a holding pattern with her for school. She is so ready! In celebration of this big event, Personal Creations has sent Sarah a Personalized Ragdoll Backpack. This backpack comes in five different styles, personalized, with a ragdoll that you can detach for play. It's a great idea and my daughter was so excited to see it when I revealed the surprise.

This backpack is the perfect thing to send your childred off to school with a friend to keep them company. If you would also like to get one for the little one in your life visit Personal Creations Ragdoll Backpack and enter PROMO code RAGDOLL50 at checkout. You can get yours for 50% OFF until September 5th.

FTC Disclaimer: Personal Creations provided me with a personalized ragdoll backpack in exchange for sharing this information with my readers. The opinions expressed in this post are solely mine, DadNCharge. It made my almost six year old girl giddy with excitement and that was enough for me!

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