Monday, August 12, 2013

Hang On To Summer With A Backyard Safari

Disclaimer: I was given products from Backyard Safari in exchange for this review of their line of Backyard Safari Outfitters Essential Field Gear.

In some states summer vacation is almost over and with back to school supplies crowding the stores, parents may be bummed that the summer fun is almost over. You can still hang on to that feeling of finding fun in your own backyard with products from Backyard Safari. My kids are explorers and they love to discover new things as many children are.

Backyard Safari Outfitters has everything you need to get your kids outside, active, and learning. There is just something cool about donning the Backyard Safari CARGO VEST (Ages 5 & Up, Approximate Retail Value: $19.99) that had my kids fighting over who would be the Safari Leader. They took turns pretending to be in charge of the exploration while they hunted down creatures in our own backyard.

The Cargo Vest had a handy field guide in the pocket and the Mini Lantern (Ages 5 & Up, Approximate Retail Value : $7.99) could clip conveniently to the vest in case you and your little explorer want to use it at night or during a camping excursion.

My two year old, immediately took to the Magnifying Glass (Ages 5 and Up, Approximate Retail Value: $24.99) and helped look for bugs as part of the expedition. We used this tool to inspect some cicada shells that we found on our fence for close up examination and the built-in scales helped us to measure the field specimen.

Combine those things with a handy container to capture your specimens with the Critter Shack (Ages 5 & Up, Approximate Retail Value: $7.99) and the Mini Scoop Net (Ages 5 & Up, Approximate Retail Value" $5.99) and your little scientist is ready for anything that comes their way. My kids enjoyed trying to catch butterflies with the net and managed to get their first specimen, a katydid within minutes of donning the gear. We've explored our creek and caught fish with the net. The Critter Shack is water tight and kept the fish comfortable and for easy viewing. The mini net is great for dry or wet action and I wasn't worried when they inevitably dropped it because it also floats! The Critter Shack was perfect for containing the specimen and with the vented top there is no need for your kids to poke holes in your favorite Tupperware.

With many other items suck as Walkie Talkies, Camouflage Kit, Field Binoculars, Land and Water Habitat, and Lazer Light Bug Vaccuum, and many more, Backyard Safari Outfitters will help you retain that feeling of summertime fun though you might feel it is fleeting. Give your kids some of their great products and I guarantee hours of play outside, in nature, that will keep your kids active and healthy. They are great activities to get kids away from the TV and learning about science and the joy of discovery.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are those solely of DadNCharge. I received these promotional items in exchange for a review of their products. Promotional items sent to me by Child's Play PR.

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