Friday, July 26, 2013

Why You Can't Pass This Bill

I've never met this man, yet I am friends with him. His words resonate with me yet we have never spoke. Bill, from ihopeiwinatoaster is the kind of writer that speaks to me and if you like to read inspiring stories this is why you can't pass up his blog.

He talks a lot about other bloggers and how inspired he is by them and here's the thing, he inspires me. I found Bill's blog because he found mine first. If you read his posts, like how his son broke his arm before summer or even his comments, you will become a fan like I did. He just knows how to make you feel that what you are writing is worthwhile. For a guy like me who thrives on positive feedback, a dangerous thing for a blogger, he grabbed my attention from the get-go.

Bill may not think he is a "Top Blogger". He'd probably tell you to check out someone else's page in the meantime but thanks for stopping by. If the Dad Bloggers were the Justice League he might think he was Aquaman. But let me tell you, Aquaman has some real kick ass powers. He's not a fringe superhero. He can make fish do his bidding and controls water for pete's sake! I am sorry that if you know Bill you are imagining him in an orange, scaly top and skin tight green wetsuit pants, that can't be helped. His blog packs a super punch.

Art by Gerardo Sandoval
Being a small blogger like him probably makes me appreciate his words more than others. The writes about things that as a the primary caregiver I am also experiencing. He, like me, lives in an area where there are just not that many stay at home dads nearby so we continue on the best way we know how, and that is by being the best dads we can be.

I am man enough to say that I may have a blog-crush on Bill maybe because despite us not being geographically close I wish that we were because he's a guy I would want to hang around and be friends with IRL. We both appreciate the words of other dad bloggers and aspire to write moving things about our own lives by giving you a peek within our own. We both appreciate art done by our children and celebrate how creative they can be. If there is one blog that I consistently read, it is his.

In the Stay At Home Dad community, we are a growing number but are sometimes too far away from each other to become close. In October, I will attend The National At Home Dad Network's 18th Annual Convention in Denver, Colorado. It is a chance to connect with guys just like Bill. For most of us, it is a re-energizing experience to be around our peers. While we love the moms groups and are happy that they accept us, we look forward to being with just the guys if only for three days.

My last convention was my first. I came across the convention information by accident while doing a search for other stay at home dads in my area when we first moved to Rochester, NY.

The convention was full of information, support, and most of all brotherhood with individuals who I can honestly say I enjoyed being around. If you have a boys or girls night out you can relate to this elated feeling that despite feeling it, you aren't alone. You can take comfort in knowing that other people are sharing your same experience and can relate to how you are trying not to lose your mind.

Sometimes when people go out they have a rule to not talk about kids for the night. I just hope this year I will get the chance to look down the end of the bar and see Bill for the first time. Maybe I will get to buy him a drink, trade war stories about being an at home dad without shame and of course talk about our kids. What else is there?

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