Monday, July 1, 2013

I Am Iron Dad

There is something about Tony Stark that just makes you want to be him. As a superhero, he is defined by his suit but his incredible genius is what allows him to be super. I guess that is why putting on a suit like that can make you feel powerful. He's the perfect flawed character...too rich and too conceited to see that his genius in weapons manufacturing actually hurts others. Of course as you know, he realizes this personally and vows to use his genius to help others instead of harming. He's a badass and he knows it.

When Hasbro asked me to review their Iron Man 3 line, I was pretty excited. Of all the superheroes my kids have wanted to be, Iron Man never entered their radar for some reason. It was always Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. When I found out that Hasbro was sending me an Iron Man Arc FC Mission Mask, a Motorized Arc FX Gauntlet, and the Arc Strike Iron Patriot, I was probably more excited than my kids. Each one of my kids wanted to wear the mask and when they saw the gauntlet actually fired something they all freaked out.

I have to admit, I was pretty excited too. There is something about donning a mask that makes you feel more like that person. My kids enjoyed each trying the mask on and then would finish off their turn shooting the bad guy, namely me, with the motorized discs.

The Iron Man Arc FX Mission Mask lights up inside, giving your eyes an eerie blue glow. When you push the buttons it fires two small rockets from the top of the helmet. The mask also says different phrases and cycles through them each time you press the button. What I didn't like was that every time you press the button, the rockets launch so if you wanted to just play with it for the voice feature, you would have to remove the rockets or chase the rockets each time you launch.

The Motorized Arc FX Gauntlet was the hit of the lot. It fires foam discs courtesy of Nerf when you pull a trigger on the underside of the glove. The main drawback will be the noise level it generates. Discs are claimed to be able to launch over 20 feet. To generate that much distance, the motor is supercharged and tells you so. It's safe to say that when your kids are playing with the gauntlet you will no exactly where they are anywhere in your house!

The third item was a 12 inch Iron Man Arc Strike Patriot. Hasbro carries a line of these figures that are all suits that appear in the Iron Man 3 movie. The Arc Strike Patriot is featured in red, blue, and silver and comes with a rocket launcher that rotates up when you raise his arm. Simultaneously, the figure makes machine gun sound effects which can only be stopped by lowering the arm or letting it run its course, which is about 10 seconds. This may get on your nerves if you don't like toys that make excessive noise.

My kids all loved playing with this figure. He was durable enough for the 2 year old to manage without much damage but the constant machine gun noise can be somewhat bothersome unless you know how to position the arm to cancel out the sound effects. I had fun taking him outside and shooting photographs of him in action.

If you are looking for a superhero for your kids to emulate, Hasbro does a great job with this Iron Man 3 line. They also carry figures called Iron Man 3 Assemblers in which you can mix and match parts of different figures to create your own Iron Man creations. Check out the other 6" figures as well called Iron Man Legends. Collect them all and you can create the Iron Monger figure.

FCC Disclaimer: I received these items from Hasbro in exchange for my review of the Iron Man 3 toys I received.

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