Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hoop Dreams

As a Chicago Bulls fan, I am enjoying their recent defeat of the Brooklyn Nets in the first round and their first playoff win against the Big Three, which is really just the Lebron Show, in my estimation. And, while it might turn into that in this series, my Bulls are a gritty team that relies on defense and the Bench Mob to take on so called Superstar teams.

I love watching old clips of the Bulls Dynasty. I was in high school when they won their first three championships and coined the phrase Three-Peat and in their second championship run, I was in college. It was an exciting time to be a Bulls fan. That excitement carries over into the current series against the Heat whom we have a storied rivalry in last year's playoffs where we were poised again to go all the way until Derrick Rose got injured. The Bulls are very much alive and I look forward to many more wins against the Heat.

For some fans, they are not so lucky. Seeing such dynasty teams as Boston and L.A. go out of the first round without much of a presence must have Laker and Celtics fans pining for the days when their teams dominated. Well, thanks to Shout! Factory, these fans can look back on classic games and relive all the exciting moments with their new app called Basketball Time Machine. When Click Communications asked me to try this new app for free from Shout! Factory, I was excited to see what they had to offer.

This new app for iOS has content as far back as 1932 and includes video from pivotal games and many off the court moments as well. The app catalogues more than 2,000 videos highlighting the best and most exciting moments in pro and college hoops history plus the most memorable TV commercials and off the court moments. All videos can be seamlessly shared across users' social media channels.

This app is awesome. It has a scroll feature that lets you choose the categories which include Best Games, Superstars, Top Plays, Champs, College, Ads, and Fun. In the second scroll feature, you can choose a year which dates from 1932-2013. The left and right arrow lets you advance through each video available for that category and year. I enjoyed watching videos from the Bulls Three Peat Seasons, past classic slam dunk contests, and videos of Ron Artest getting into various fights. Is that why his name is now Metta World Peace? Another added feature is the Random button which selects a video for you from all the categories.

Obvious issues include the use of old video and the fact that some video is shortened for time restriction purposes. The videos also weren't complete and missed some key games especially during the 1991 Bulls Championship season. I would like to see these videos updated and put in order according to year and round and organized by team in the future. Sometimes the images were scrambled and hard to see. Of course, that is mostly because HD was not invented until much later but other than that, but the app is outstanding for the avid basketball fan and at $.99 cents it has more steal potential than Russell Westbrook.

To download Basketball Time Machine please go to:

Basketball Time Machine

Basketball Time Machine is a universal iOS app that runs on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone mobile devices and is airplay enabled.

Opinions posted here are the thoughts of Chris Bernholdt as DadNCharge who is a rabid NBA fan. Click Communications provided me with a free preview of the app to review it.

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