Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Things I Would Actually Want for Father's Day

My wife and I don't put much effort into Mother's and Father's Days. A nice note and a night out together will usually do the trick for us. With three kids there isn't much wiggle room and really no justification to buy extravagant gifts for these days. But, if you are the type of person that goes all out and you are really stuck on what to get your dad or hubby this Father's Day. Here are some ideas from a stay at home dad that understands what dads like.

1) Droll Yankee's - Yankee Flipper - The TRULY squirrel proof bird feeder

I received this for Christmas one year after I was tired of battling those pesky squirrels. I enjoy birds but hate when these rodents empty all the food for the real wildlife. After battling these things for years and them getting the better of me, there was nothing like cracking open a beer and watching these things get tossed.

The battery holds a charge for an entire season and is rechargeable. It works when squirrels, who are too heavy activate the free spinning perch, which flings them off of the bar. The squirrels in my neighborhood don't even try anymore to eat the seed because it dominated them!

2) ANYTHING and I mean anything with his favorite sports team on it.

I would even love toilet paper with the Bears Packers logo on it. When it comes to being a rabid fan of any team, nothing says "I LOVE THIS TEAM" like owning enough stuff to build a shrine in your man cave.

Who wouldn't want a foam Bear head?

Ditka Vs. God T-Shirt from Chitown Clothing

Fatheads are always a good idea

Not a Bears fan? So sorry. Try Fansedge.com to find your favorite team.

3) Geek Chic

Got a father or husband that loves Star Wars? 17th and Oak have these amazing Lithos created by using typography to create an image

Don't want to invest in something that permanent? Get those kids ready for Star Wars at an early age:

Class up your tuxedo or dress shirt with these beauties from Red Envelope

Looking for something else? Check out ThinkGeek.com

4) Clothes make the man, but these just make us laugh.

If the dad you are buying for is quirky, silly, or just likes to wear T-Shirts that not everyone owns, check out Threadless.com

I am an artist, and when I came across this T-Shirt called "The Accident" I had to have it.

5) Cooking with kids can be fun, as long as you stay away from the Dark Side

This has nothing to do with cooking, but I would take this to a barbeque in a heartbeat.

6) Boomboxes have come a long way and we love to take our music with us

The BOOM Urchin is a water resistant portable Bluetooth speaker that produces great sound quality. I would buy mine from Crutchfield, a company I trust wholeheartedly.

7) The Dad in your life is your SUPERHERO

As a stay at home dad of three little ones, playing superheroes is a constant theme. For each kid, we have purchased a custom cape from Babypop on Etsy. The great thing is, they have these for adults too. What better way to get a dad involved in the kid's play by making him an actually superhero with his own cape and mask?

Here are some pics of my kids wearing their capes. The cape color,character, and background are fully customizable. My son has had his over 4 years with minimal wear and tear. We even gave one to the kids' grandma for Mother's Day one year.

8) Sometimes as a parent, you feel like THE WALKING DEAD

I don't know about your husband, but I love The Walking Dead. The graphic novels are different from the TV series and the drawings of this collection from Dark Horse Comics is a must have for any TWD fan and you can buy The Walking Dead : Compendium One on Amazon.

9) I love reading to my kids before bed but I'd love it more if they actually went to bed after

Adam Mansbach wrote the book, Go The Fuck to Sleep. It's a book we all would want to read to our kids at bedtime but just don't have the balls to. One of our last nights at the National At Home Dad Network's convention, the board members read this aloud to us for a "bedtime" story. I never laughed so hard in my life. They also have a kid friendly version to actually read to kids.

10) Stuff is great, but THIS STUFF is the best

It's a paperweight, handy for checking noises late at night, or decorating your garden. Made by my little kids' hands for this big kid.

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