Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The things your kid will learn on the bus : Pianist

I have become "The Dad" on the bus. My son tells me that the 4th grade girls refer to me in this way when I pick him up and drop him off at the bus. He also told me that they were giggling about the word "PIANIST" which sounds remarkably close to "PENIS" in their estimation. It's funny. Heck, it's even Adam Sandler funny, but apparently they were getting up their nerve to yell out "PENIS!" at me through the window of the bus at drop off to see what I would say. If I called them on it they were prepared to say "I was just saying "PIANIST". LOVE what my son is learning on the bus these days. Thankfully he sits towards the front. We all know about those kids in the back of the bus.Oh those youts, they sure can be a handful.

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