Thursday, August 23, 2012

Was Mother Goose a nice lady?

My friend's daughter is named Lucy. Most of the time he refers to her as "Goose" because of the obvious rhyming. My 4 year old daughter, who is friends with her was talking to her brother the other day. My son asked Sarah what Lucy's last name was. Sarah said "That's easy, it's Goose!"

While at the park this morning we encountered real geese. Canadian geese I believe. Let me just tell you how vicious these things are. This is my youngest daughter's first encounter with a live animal. Our cat at home is named Butters. If that is any indication of his disposition I don't know what is. Mom and Dad used to be huge South Park fans, what can I say.

My youngest daughter was excited to see the ducks but then the geese came. Apparently, people at the park must regularly feed them bread because a gaggle of these came calling towards me and Heidi. I had no bread but Heidi was offering a succulent 20 month old finger to the head goose.

This thing appeared to me to be more velociraptor than bird. Immediately it was hissing at me and asking for bread, of which I had none. I started to wonder "Was Mother Goose really a nice lady?"

My wife works in an office building that has a pond. Apparently, the infestation became so bad that they ordered swans, which are the natural enemy to geese. I guess that the geese are craftier than they thought because they cut a deal with the swans and live together in the pond. Now they all crap everywhere they want. Has anyone had any extra special run ins with nature?


  1. The apartment complex my daughter and I live in has a pond right behind the building so I always have huge flocks of geese and ducks. When we first moved in we used to feed them quite a bit since I work at Panera Bread I'm always able to bring bread home. Feeding the ducks was fine because they show some patience...the geese on the other hand not so much. Now we only feed them once in awhile and only when there aren't too many geese.

  2. I,ve heard of a couple of ways to rid the geese. Put a fox or coyote natures way. Or call a Behavior specialist, like F. C. to rid them. Feeding them bread is a health hazard!