Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My New DFF

OK, it's midsummer and while I love my kids I am seriously considering starting my own reality show. Paris Hilton did this so it can't be all that hard. I do know some people in reality TV so this could work. I realized that this school year my goal is to really buckle down and find "the one" Oh, I am already married but to be honest I need some constant action. I am of course talking about finding a DFF (a Dad Friend Forever), starting a bromance, or whatever you would like to call it.

I've met some cool guys but I haven't found "the one" that you just click with. I need this guy for outings. I rarely like to go to any kid related public activity without a wing man. Except that in this scenario bro is watching your other two kids while the third joyously runs away into the most crowded area with limited visibility.

I've hung out with dads who have lost their kids in such places one who was given a stern look by a docent because he was encumbered by a stroller that was not capable for off-roading while his daughter quickly disappeared like Speedy Gonzalez. When I am at The Please Touch museum I am playing defense like I am playing ball. My knees are bent and ready to shuffle. I try to box out Heidi from yet again slipping past me which is her favorite game next to running balls out into the street. I keep my left foot pointed at Sarah and I open up my stance to wherever Heidi may be lurking. I am in position to play defense and there is no flopping here or Heidi might end up outside in the parking lot.

I need to find this guy who trusts me with his kids as much as I trust him with mine. I need a guy who likes Swamp People, drinking beer at a Hooters or playing darts talking about how much we used to be able to drink BEFORE we'd go out! Hanging with others moms is awesome. My Y Mommies in NY are unparalleled in the quality of fun I had with them. Being the only rooster in the hen house was cool but I need something more. I need a DFF and gosh darn it I am going to find one!

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  1. Craigslist? Though I'd be *really careful* with the wording. :) Y MOMMIES FOREVER!!