Friday, June 15, 2012

The Sarlacc

Kids stomachs are weird. They are severely limited in their acceptable food pallet. My daughter, Sarah is a snacker. She could eat snacks all day long if I would let her. When I announce that it is dinner time or lunch time she whines and requests a snack instead. She rarely eats at dinner, probably because I am placating her with snacks most of the day. I know that most of it is mental because once we stop doing an activity the first thing out of her mouth is what she wants to put into it. I have a stay at home dad friend that has a daughter that only eats bread and drinks water like she is on a prison diet. So, I must initiate a snack schedule among others for summer activities because the noodles are killing me with their endless questions. Toddler's stomachs can be tricky mostly because you don't know which stomach is going to show up to meals. Is she going to eat two hot dogs, a cheese stick, carrots and some lemonade or will she just lick her carrots and ask me 30 minutes later when snack time is? Sarah can turn into the Sarlacc at times and her appetite can be like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors if I find something that she actually likes. Hot dogs. This kid could eat hot dogs everyday if they didn't repulse me after awhile. Don't get me wrong. I'm from Chicago and I thoroughly enjoy a dog Chicago style but my daughter puts ketchup on hers. KETCHUP! I don't know if Kobayashi regularly eats hot dogs to prepare for an event or if he genuinely likes them but after alternating day in and day out between salami and hot dogs, I look forward to dinner time for a change of pace. My son, who is 7 isn't any better. He only likes PB. He doesn't like lunchmeat or cheese...a clear violation of a Bernholdt staple. So, everyday for his lunch at school I would make him a PB & something with alternatives to jelly being banana, apple, Spicy Doritos, potato chips and anything else I could convince him to eat. See, he eats at 11am at school so I can't send anything hot unless he buys his lunch there which I am not sure he would do anyway given a limited choice. I do have to say that my kids love brussel sprouts. Honestly, they do. At least the way I make them. Message me for recipe. It's not exactly healthy but they eat plenty of stuff that most kids don't like. Adam LOVES broccoli. Steamed broccoli or raw they eat it like candy. It's his favorite food next to pizza so I am not complaining that much. Well maybe a little but it is funny to see how the kids have grown into their own tastes. How about your kids?

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