Thursday, June 7, 2012

Potty Talk

Eminem is right. We're thankful for every fan that we get but we can't take a... without someone opening the door and asking what we are doing. I have tried to institute privacy for bathroom time. It's been a struggle mostly because when I do take the kids out somewhere and we have to do a potty break it means I am dragging everyone into the men's room with me. Bathrooms are not designed around little people so on the rare occasions I have let Sarah go by herself it usually ended up with some stranger helping her out or me barging into the ladies room to help her reach the soap or paper towels. I expect that one of these days Adam won't want to do everything with Sarah and they will be fighting over bathroom time. I don't want to lock the door because if they knew they could I would be removing the hinges from the doors trying to get in. My son accidentally locked himself in the bathroom once and I didn't have that little tool they install in these new bathroom door handles that unlocks it from the outside. It was a small bathroom and he was freaking out saying he was never going to get out and that I would have to call school and let them know he wasn't coming in. Eventually I had to unscrew the handle right off the door and all was well. Now, I usually get someone knocking on the door asking me "What are you doing?" or "Will you play with me?" I have to fight back the sarcastic remarks. Sarcasm is wasted on little kids. They think everything you are saying is for serious. Dear Kids, can I just get a few moments to make a deposit and enjoy my Sports Illustrated? Thanks. Daddy

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