Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Supermarket Surprise

If you hate the grocery store as much as I do you find creative ways to make it fun. With Adam and even Sarah sometimes, I would take them to the store and let them hold something and repeat its name. Then I would promptly put it back before they either licked it or took a baby bite out of it. If you REALLY want to make it fun play Supermarket Surprise. This entails you taking a cranky kid to the grocery store that is borderline meltdown prone. When the baby starts to crank it up and you are trying to stick to your list you may have to speed up the process a little. Towards the end of the run, you will be grabbing things on your way out just to make it to the check out line before the A-Bomb drops. After surviving the screaming car ride put the baby down for a nap. Then, the real fun begins. Unload the groceries and see what you have. Finally, take your random ingredients and figure out what to make with them. It's sort of like a Chopped show only you are the idiot who put all these things in your cart.

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