Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Recap

Yesterday, while working out I was on an elliptical next to two women who were talking about the Superbowl. Well, not exactly. They were talking about Madonna's halftime show and like the analysts on ESPN they were recapping her performance like it was the Superbowl. These are some excerpts from that conversation. "What was with that Roman theme? I didn't get that at all?" "What did you think of her outfit?" "Not a good choice, she was covering up too much...that's NOT Madonna at all" "Did you see how she almost fell?" "Yeah, she just didn't look comfortable up there what is wrong with her?" "I loved all the flips she was doing...can you believe she is 53?" "Yeah, that gives me some hope" I wouldn't say I was exactly eavesdropping but ESPN wasn't on in my bank of TVs unfortunately so I was hearing the play by play like I was actually there. I saw the performance and for a 53 year old doing all those flips and the cameos by other artists I thought it was pretty cool. I was kind of hoping for a wardrobe malfunction (Where was Justin Timberlake when you needed him?} but these ladies were right, she was pretty covered up for Madonna. According to the analysts to my left much like Tom Brady, she just didn't show up.

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