Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love is in the air

My son is 6, almost 7 and is turning into a playa before my very eyes. Before his 1st grade Valentine's Day party he requested that when I bought him some store Valentines to pick out "manly" ones for the boys and "romantic" ones for the girls. This, coming from a kid who whenever he sees a boy and girl kiss in a show says "Ewwwww, gross!" I think it is a front. He told his mom that he thinks he is twitterpated with this girl at school. If you have ever seen Bambi this is what happens to the young males during mating season but in regular Disney form it is told in a much gentler way. For some reason he is not telling me this stuff about girls although I suspect it is because I sometimes tease him about his "girlfriends". I guess I shouldn't because I do think it is cute. His friend Ava is a nice little girl. She invited him to an all girls birthday party at a swimming pool and this weekend he and a few other boys are invited to a mostly girls birthday party in which they will be engaging in gymnastics activities! I guess it is because I have always tried to teach him to respect girls even if his sisters are annoying him or bothering him. The love that he shows to Heidi and Sarah is amazing. Still...I am missing out in him confiding about his romantic interests. It seems that his friend Ava, whose parents work for Villanova, wants to marry Adam and she wants him to go to Villanova with her. It's all moving so fast. Maybe I should cut down his intake of Usher songs.

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