Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boycott Huggies

Good thing you are a diaper company Huggies because you should be ready for a shit storm. Your current advertising campaign "Put Dad to the Test" is an inaccurate portrayal of dads as incompetent care givers who are inferior to moms everywhere. While I understand that there are still more moms that stay at home that is quickly changing. Instead of making dads appear like bumbling incompetent nitwits you should have created a campaign that celebrates the change that more dads are staying at home. After I saw your 30 second clip I was disgusted and wanted to do something about it. If the reaction on Facebook alone to your page is any indication of what is to come, you have lost and alienated a lot of consumers who may have already been buying into your brand. Good luck with that. You just gave me another reason to buy Pampers. Go to to sign the petition.

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