Monday, January 23, 2012

Ric Flair, I need your help...

Does anyone know a good way to trim your baby's nails? Heidi is ridiculously strong when it comes to this fun little chore. I seriously have to put her in a Ric Flair armbar just to isolate her hand. What is it about kids at this age? Any invasion of personal space and they freak out. I can understand when it is the doctor. That dude is all up in your grill, poking you with stuff. I'm your know I am not going to hurt you but when you squirm like a bucking bronco, I just may take a chunk out of your little finger. Yet, on the flipside, Heidi will stick her grubby little fingers in my mouth, up my nose, and even in my eye and laugh! If I don't figure a good way to calm her down, her Hulk Hogan eye rake is going to blind me.

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