Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blue's Booze

After watching endless Blue's Clues re-runs on Netflix with my two daughters I wondered if after taping these episodes that Steve from Blue's Clues just goes out and gets completely hammered? I mean, after being with the kids all day and pretending and playing I know how I feel sometimes. Going to a sports bar and talking about football sometimes is the only cure. I know that knocking a few back every once in awhile helps. But this guy stands in front of a green screen all day talking to imaginary objects and pretending like he doesn't see clues only to be reminded by the kids in the audience that he is either an idiot or hard of hearing.

 I can imagine him at a bar talking to the bartender asking "Can I have a round for me and my puppy Blue here?" Does it carry over to the rest of his life? Is he singing "I just ordered a shot, I just ordered a shot, I just ordered a shot because I'm gonna get drunk"?

 I am guessing that once you break into that kid's show business that you must dial it back a little. I probably wouldn't run into Steve anywhere and think he was anyone special but a drunken escapade would mean he would again be replaced by some other plain looking guy in a striped shirt (which they did with Joe his "brother" when he left the show) Not to mention that he would lose all credibility with his audience because he would not be really smart.

After Googling Steve from Blues Clues I noticed that there were links to a rumor about him being a heroin addict or that he was dead. Both rumors are false by the way but also an indication of how society reacts to nice guys who genuinely like kids. Turns out he guest starred on Law and Order and "died" on the show so it would be easy for a kid to see that and not understand that it wasn't reality. So, if you see Steve at a bar buy him a shot of tequila,find a lime, thank him for his ability to keep our kids attention for 30 minutes, and find Mr. Salt.

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