Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday

So, our "baby" turned one yesterday. I don't have to check the infant box when I check her in at the Y and I don't have to refer to her as so many months old.
She tore into the cupcake and licked her fingers like a pro. I guess that some things are just instinctual. Of all the things she got from her birthday she was most interested in a musical card. Just goes to show you that going overboard for a kid's first birthday party is not necessary unless you want to. We love you Heidi and remember your birth like it was yesterday. Thanks for waiting until AFTER the Bears game to come into this world, Daddy appreciated that. Congratulations to my wife too. We survived another infant even though I know you will probably get teary eyed thinking about it just remember they will ALWAYS be our babies.

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