Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I consider myself a pretty strong guy. I work out three times a week, lift weights and have never met a pickle jar I couldn't open. So why is it that my 11 month daughter can overpower me? Heidi summons super strength at the worst possible time. It usually is mid-wipe of a nasty poop that has decided to creep up her back. She turns more violently than a croc doing a death roll and yet, I still cannot change her diaper without incident. You would think that babies would be into someone taking care of their nether regions but once I put her on the changing table she immediately freaks out. So I try to pin her down with one arm while attempting a change with the other but once she sees her opening, it's death roll time. I guess it is that fight or flight instinct that is ingrained in each of us. She is fighting for survival I suppose and doesn't want to be on her back for any given moments in time. It's completely my wife's side of the family because they always need to Go, Go, Go. I just wish sometimes it was I just went, went, went and I need to relax, relax, relax. I try to think if I were in her shoes how would I want this to go down. I guess some relaxing music might distract me but my rendition of Itsy, Bitsy Spider as my go to song is probably not the best choice for a soothing changing song. Just you wait Heidi. When it's my turn to be in diapers there is going to be payback.

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