Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Praise the Inventors

You just ran to the grocery store and your cart is chock full. Your daughter, who you saw go to the bathroom not 30 minutes ago is doing the potty dance in the aisle. You know her standard response "I don't have to go" but you know that it is coming. A trip to the bathroom wouldn't be that bad except that your 10 month old loves putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. Luckily, most stores don't put water cookies in the urinals but everything in there is disgusting and your baby, as Ruxin on The League states "will forever me unclean!" I mean, who wants to kiss a baby on the face when her fingers have been purusing the seat where some hourly employeed spent the last twenty minutes on his break?

That is why I say "Praise the inventors!" You have to love the jump seat that stores are starting to put in bathrooms. A five point harness that essentially pins your baby to the wall away from anything they can touch? Genius! This is a thing of beauty because you have suddenly become hands free and can help your daughter successfully navigate the pitfalls of the public restroom. I first saw this seat in a Wegmans grocery store and just today saw one in a Acme grocery store. KUDOS to you guys for being forward thinking. Even better? Wegmans installed flip up steps so kids don't have to cliffhanger the sink just to wash their hands.

Thanks inventors for being considerate of us parents with kids in tow and thanks for the closer parking spaces. You rock!

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