Tuesday, August 9, 2011

V Day

Tomorrow is V Day. No it is not the ever important Valentine's Day but rather Vasectomy Day. It's a little scary to think that tomorrow, someone is going to cut open my junk, pull on my vas deferens and sew them closed. I face this day with a mixed bag of emotions. First, I have to think about how good God was to me and my wife and how blessed I am to have three beautiful children all of whom are healthy and special in their own ways. For that reason, I know having kids is a special kind of experience. You can tell people who are going to have kids or thinking about having kids that it will change them in ways you can't describe. It's a feeling that you can look back on and remember the high and low points of having a baby and think, I am never going to experience that again.

And that is when I think..is this really it? Is this the end of my run? I guess this is what Brett Favre was thinking when he retired those three times. It did take some convincing of my wife, a career woman who never thought she would want kids, to get her to come to the dark side. Obviously, I have some power and influence there and unlike Favre, I threw conceptions and not incompletes. But unlike Favre there will be no press conference or cell phone pictures to follow. However if you see me walking like I just rode a horse into town, give me a high five or pat me on the ass for a job well done beacause tomorrow, I retire my boys for good. No, I am not kidding Favre. For good. It's permanent. I will be retired.


  1. Mixed Bag...I like that Chris. Hope all goes well.

  2. Good luck tomorrow, Chris! I can understand your mixed emotions. Savor every moment with your babies because they grow so fast!