Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Shark...do..do..

My baby can’t read and that doesn’t bother me. Do you know why it doesn’t bother me? It is because my baby can do so many other things. It’s amazing to me to think that once we enter this life the first thing we do is cry and the second thing is we want to eat. Have you ever seen a baby react to the smell of breast milk? They can smell their moms when they are in the room. I liken this to my son’s uncanny ability to smell pizza from a distance or how I get when I smell short ribs. My eyes roll back into my head very Homeresque, the cartoon not the writer, mmmmm short ribs. Combine a baby’s ability to smell food with their large dark eyes and to me, they remind me of sharks. Put a bottle of breast milk near Heidi and her eyes get wide her mouth opens, revealing her serrated rows of teeth, and she clamps on for dear life. Ok, she doesn’t have rows of teeth but those gums can be just as bad. Breast feeding moms can I get an Amen? Breast milk in the room is like chumming for sharks in the ocean. I think we’re gonna need a bigger bottle.

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