Monday, December 6, 2010

Gettin' Jiggy

My wife is right. I would be remiss to say that she isn't always right. I have had my moments but in this case she is 100 percent on target. The NFL needs to take away penalties for excessive celebration. Today's sports hinge on entertainment. The NFL is doing better job protecting players from getting concussions from big hits yet they are doing these athletes a disservice by limiting their need to celebrate the big play. I T.O. and Ochocinco sit around bouncing celebration ideas off one another? Could there be a reality show just about touchdown celebrations? I'm sorry, your Dirty Bird just didn't score with us...hit the shower! I think it takes real creativity to come up with this stuff. T.O.'s Sharpie marker, the invisible mooning, pretending the football is a baby...those are all genius! May I even go so far as to say that this celebration thing should be taught in public school? I would love to go to my son's parent-teacher conference, find out he is doing well and perform the Ickey Shuffle. Think of all those moments where a celebratory dance could come in handy: Your kid just learned to use the potty for the first time so do the Moonwalk. Your baby just slept through the night so it is time to do the Worm. Your daughter just took her first steps...time to get jiggy wit it! It just makes sense. We have reasons to celebrate. Athletes have reasons to celebrate. Let's make the NFL fun again and make our lives a little more fun. So when my son gets straight A’s and you see a really tall guy doing the Lawnmower or the Sprinkler, just go with it and bring your Cabbage Patch moves with you.

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