Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Your Shortie's Shortcomings

Adam had T-Ball this summer. They play T-Ball when they are 3-4 years old. Kids start baseball when they are 5 here! Five? It doesn't seem fair. Most of them can't throw with any consistency, or catch with any consistency, or know WHERE to throw it when the ball comes to them. A baseball to a T-Ball team might as well be a football because if the ball is rolling that means every kid on that team is diving on the ball. With everyone diving on the ball, there is no one to cover 1st base, 2nd base, or any base. It's hard to watch your kids in these situations because you desperately want them to be the next Strasburg or the second coming of Ken Griffey Junior. I watched my boy talk to other players, pick weeds in the grass (his dad despises weeds) and proceed to wear his glove as a hat while he tried to catch the ball with his hat! I wanted him to belt the ball off the tee like we had practiced all summer only to watch him put his left hand on top and stand on the right side of the plate (he's a righty). Thank goodness for do overs!

Adam's coach was an awesome guy who definitely knew how to teach little kids. Teach them the fundamentals and bring your extra patience. It's hard to believe that I was once this terrible. There is no sugar coating it, they just have to learn the hard way...with their coach yelling at them to leave the four leaf clovers alone in the outfield and pay attention. So good luck out there moms and dads. Teaching your kid a sport is hard work. Eventually it will pay off like the Mr. Pibb at the end of the game or that time I hit my first home run off Yung Jip Kim and watched the ball land on the tennis court, I can't wait for that day for my boy. Until then I will leave you with this: The 1982 World Series Little League coach once told his players "Don't even bring your glove tomorrow because all we are going to do is run"

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