Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Silly is a silly word

Silly is the silliest word. When you are trying to edit your content in front of the kiddies I always go with words like silly and goofball. When you really look at the word silly it is obvious that silly can be such a universal term. When your kids do the most messed up things what you really want to say is “What the …… were you thinking?” But for most of us stay at home parents we shouldn’t be dropping any letter bombs around our kids unless we want them using that word on us and every other kid in their class. So what do we use instead? We say: You are so silly! Silly really is a word that you can plug into any conversation. Can you imagine going to a meeting with corporate to talk about how inept your boss is and just blurting out “Oh, he’s just so silly!” instead of “He’s a brainless, incompetent manager who sucks at motivating people.”
One of my other favorites is goofball. I call my 5 year old a goofball at least ten times a day not only because he is, but because I have other choice words that I know I shouldn’t express. When you go to a birthday party and there is one kid there that is so hopped up on birthday cake that he is throwing bows into any kid in his vicinity you say “Boy, your kid is so silly” instead of saying “Can you corral your troublemaker because he has concussed half of the kids at this party ?” That’s so silly that we say that. Another favorite of mine is “your daughter is so spirited” which in layman’s terms means “your daughter is out of freakin’ control!” So the next time someone drops the S bomb about your kid think of some choice words to use maybe even call them a goofball.

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