Friday, April 9, 2010

When birthdays go wrong....

We had a birthday party for Adam last Monday, it was his fifth birthday. We still think that an all class birthday party for a 5 year old was a bit more than we could handle so we invited some of his friends over after school. My wife had grad school the weekend before the party so it was up to me to prepare for the event. I got the party favors, cupcakes were made by my wife, and I cleaned the entire house before the guests came. My wife asked me if I had any games planned. I figured that they would all just play for a few hours in between play, pizza, play, cupcakes, play, presents.

Then, it seemed the kids got bored so I had a game up my sleeve. We had done something similar in youth group with a straw and M & M's. I had recently got a package with packing peanuts in it and thought that the kids could use the straws like an elephant to suck up the packing peanut and run to another cup and deposit the packing peanut.

Well, I guess I underestimated their little lungs' ability to not only suck up the peanut but then run across to the other cup. So there I am, cheering the kids on with some kids desperately blowing through the straws with spittle flying through the straws into the cup. And there I am yelling "Suck it, suck it, don't blow it! Suck it like you are drinking from a juice box." Meanwhile my wife is laughing hysterically and I realize after 10 minutes of coaching them through this game what I am saying.

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