Monday, April 19, 2010


We have two beautiful kids ages 5 and 2 1/2 at this point. I say this point because there has been the question of whether we would have another one. Adam was so easy going. He was around babies at day care so was always so gentle. When Sarah came along he was so sweet to her and still to this day is pretty good despite the occasional big brother agitation that comes with the territory. Sarah, on the other hand, HATES babies. It’s not that irrational fear that she is going to be mean to the baby and stick her fingers in the baby’s eyes but that real fear that I have witnessed in person around kids that are younger than her. Truth be told, a two year old LOVES their personal space. For the longest time Sarah wouldn’t allow hugs or kisses to either my wife or me. I have literally seen the rage in Sarah’s eyes as she has bonked a smaller kid on the head and pushed babies out of her way when they touched her old toys. She’s like a grumpy old man stuck in a two year old princess’ body.

Fact is men, that if there has been a “discussion” about a third child, your wife has already decided that she wants one more. Maybe you think “Well, my wife just wanted to put it on the table for further discussion at a later date” This is no community meeting buddy, she’s already decided that she is going to have another and you are along for the ride. Now it is time for the good news. First of all, kids are a blessing and if don’t have trouble getting pregnant you should go for it. The other good news is you will again be having regular, for the sake of this blog being PG, we will call “it” picnics. Let’s face facts men; the rumor that you have less and less picnics when you are married is all true. You can’t shrug it off and say “Ah, that old man is just bitter, that’s what old guys do, they complain about stuff they don’t have anymore.” Maybe they can’t make it through the night without peeing three times, maybe they can’t eat the spicy food they once did, and maybe they can’t buy anything for a quarter anymore but the one thing they all know is what we have realized too. Married + kids + career = less picnics.

So, if you and your wife have had this discussion the best news is that you are going to have a whole lot of picnics to go to. Not just planned picnics but spur of the moment picnics! Picnics in the park, picnics at home and let’s just face it…it’s going to be one doozy of a picnic for you. My wife and I saw a mother traveling through the Buffalo airport with two toddlers and one baby BY HERSELF! All my wife did was shake her head and she said later “Maybe I can just volunteer in the nursery at church and get my baby fix that way.” I said “Yeah, maybe you could.” But inside my head I was thinking “does this mean we are not going to have a picnic later?”

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  1. Picnics can be fun. It's the nine months after the picnic where life changes (I am not knocking being a dad I love it). I couldn't agree more I only have one 4 year-old son and the picnics have become fewer and

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders