Monday, April 26, 2010

If you don't have anything nice to say....

This entry is dedicated to all the moms and dads out there that have to go grocery shopping. I can't even begin to express my displeasure of this chore. I think it all started when I worked for Peapod. So, I will do a flashback here.

I was a personal shopper mostly because at the time I was thinking how easy a job would it be to pick things off a list for someone that is too lazy or unable to do it themselves? The only drawback was that some patrons REFUSED to allow substitutes. People are loyal to a certain brand, I get that. But in this particular instance, I was a post college 20-something responsible for picking out feminine products for an old lady. Let's see, the ticket read: Always Maxi Pads, Fresh Scent with Moisture Block, Dry Weave, size Large. I wasn't even sure what all that meant but I did know that it meant trouble. I went to the feminine products area which really was an entire wall and tried to find this product. Sometimes they had Fresh Scent sometimes Tropical Breeze (Tropical Breeze? I guess if you need a Tropical Breeze down there you have bigger issues) but never in the same combination as the ticket. So since I couldn't find the exact product I had to call this woman and explain why I couldn't get it for her and give the other 25 different combinations I could find. Long story short, is that everyone knows this frustration and if you are looking for something in particular you definitely won't find it. Especially when you only have an hour window with two kids in tow.

Now if you are going to the grocery store with kids I give you even more kudos. So, someone at the grocery store actually asked me the other day when I went there without the kids. "How do you like shopping without your little helpers?" My little helpers? Clearly lady, you weren't with me when I HAD to bring them along. I freakin' LOVE shopping for groceries without them and here is why. I don't have to use the ridiculously long cart with the steering wheels which if you have had to use in a crowded Wegman's is like driving a 16 wheeler through a retirement home. I don't have to bribe them with cookies to keep them occupied. Wegman's, I know I am only supposed to take one cookie per child but one little cookie isn't going to last me 20 minutes in this joint. I don't have to use the double wide checkout lane (although I usually do because the cart can barely fit in there) to prevent little hands from grabbing every candy bar on the shelf and asking me if they can have it.

My final point is that people need to learn control when commenting on your parenting while in a store. My kids think wide open spaces and brightly lit stores mean they are at some indoor play place and they act accordingly running like I have left them caged up in the basement. Comments I have heard before are "Boy, you have your hands full with those two" or "I remember how difficult it was for me" People, please there is no need to comment in this way. It's kind of like when someone tells you "You look tired" which basically translates into "You look like spit" It may seem like a nice way to mention that I have bags under my eyes but really, it isn't helping. I look tired because I am probably tired and I would rather you say "You are doing a great job with your kids" or "You look like a great dad/mom" If you truly remember what it was like to stay at home with the kids then you know that it is not easy and a little encouragement goes a long way and if you don't we might accidentally run you over with our 16 wheeler.

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  1. I think the final cut of Navy SEALS training should involve 3 children ages 0-4 and a long grocery list. 45 minutes GO!